Why Tellingstones ?

Local native Apps can be an irreplaceable tool to welcome tourists and visitors, providing information and practical tools, useful to orient oneself without wasting of time, and to enjoy the attractions that the Destination can offer, “retaining” people, even those in transit, with contextualized proposals that intrigue and inform.

Problems lies in costs and time to delivery and to spread a solution.

More than that, the very big problem lies in proliferation of local apps, which makes the likelihood of them being downloaded by tourists, especially those in transit, inversely proportional to the length of their stay.

The original solution proposed by Espereal Technologies is based on a participatory development model, which makes it possible to create native Apps and backend components that are interoperable with each other, with marginal development costs and practically immediate time to release.

Tourists moving within a tourist district will automatically be reached and ‘taken over’ by the destinations they pass through