The Porto Conte Park and Protected Marine Area extends along a stretch of coastline of about 63 km, of great landscape and naturalistic value, on which there is an area with unique flora and fauna, which is home to more than 60 certified enterprises, belonging to the agricultural (especially oil and wine production) and pastoral sectors, whose excellence is recognised internationally, as well as numerous enterprises in the catering and agritourism sectors.

The park’s vocation has always been to represent a model in innovation and research aimed at environmental sustainability, and it aims to increasingly become a nationally and internationally recognised reference model in the implementation of policies oriented in this direction.

We are developing the project with an objective that goes beyond the individual case, aiming at the realisation of a technological system case and an implementation format that is immediately reusable in other comparable contexts, without the need for these to invest in technological development or field experimentation, and that allows a visitor to move from one to the other of these realities without having to download a new app each time and become familiar with a different user experience.

The steps realised so far are:


Creation of a narrative of the place created mainly by residents who have been trained in storytelling and territorial marketing techniques.
Creation of geo-fences enabling the activation of content through automatically generated notifications, without limitations in number, location and size.


Creation and implementation of proximity e-commerce functionalities allowing end users, directly from the App, to discover, book and pay in advance, tickets for access to Museums and other Park attractions;

Sito Web Ufficiale del Parco di Porto Conte