Our purpose is to build and deploy collaborative technology solutions and services for Creators and Destinations

helping them to create value for cities, places and territories

Is time to change!

Learn about something new


App and Platform for Tourists and Creators

Explore your destination with Tellingstones

inspired by your favorite Creators

Discover stories around you

Make Reservations and in-App payments

Redeem Vouchers

Register, Create and Publish..

Stories and Suggestions for your audience

Enriched Itineraries:

Information and


Setting up

Engagements rules


and Payments

for your services

Morning Newsletters

With the ‘Morning Newsletter’, automatically generated in several languages and printed every morning. Just in time for breakfast.

Thanks to the integration with HOPi by eTour, every breakfast table becomes a tourist information point.


Tellingstones comes with specific tools to intercept transit flows and measure their impact on the territory

Natively anonymous data obtained through a combination of physical and virtual sensors.

Partecipatory Development Model

Access to state-of-the-art enabling technologies

Virtually immediate release times

No risks and drastically reduction of development,

maintenance and promotional costs


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